6 Days Rongai Route – Kilimanjaro Hiking

Rongai highway 6 days schedule is the best, this course is named to be the second least demanding course for climbing Kilimanjaro after Marangu. Trekking through this highway one can

7 Days Lemosho Route -Kilimanjaro Trekking

Kilimanjaro trekking is by means of various courses, Lemosho Route is one of them takes 7 days, climbing Kilimanjaro Mt. in Africa has attracted consideration of numerous Mountain lover the

6 Days Umbwe Route

Early in the morning after breakfast you will leave the hotel heading

7 Days Machame Route – Kilimanjaro Hiking

Kilimanjaro climbing Machame route 7 days, the whisky route as it sometimes called is the most scenic & beautiful route of all but a challenging one. Affordable Kilimanjaro trekking Machame route 7 days has

6 Days Machame Route – Kilimanjaro Hiking

Climbing Kilimanjaro Machame highway 6 days is an alternative as others can pick between 7 to 8 days, 6 days is for vigorous individuals as it implies skirt a few

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